Dubrovnik, Croatia 1 Paris Door Knocker Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower 2 Las Vegas Florence, Italy
Istanbul, Turkey Mykonos, Greece Mykonos, Greece 2 Mykonos, Greece 3 Florence, Italy 2 Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy 2 Isle of Wight, England Dubrovnik, Croatia 2 Paris Door Knocker Door Knocker2
Door Details Door Details 2 Rocky Beach Venice Venice 2 Paris
Travel, a set on Flickr.
Travel is my passion. I love to explore. I have been lucky enough to live in Europe, calling London home for a year, and travel there several times. These are some of my favourite shots from our many visits there.

I also have a photo blog: A Year in the Life of Jenna Lynn Flynn.

Wedding Wedding 2 Wedding 3 IMG_2760 IMG_2739bw IMG_2722bw KevinBirthdayBW IMG_2711bw IMG_1663.JPG IMG_7742 IMG_3013 IMG_1464.JPG IMG_7454 IMG_1261.JPG IMG_7386 IMG_0979.JPG DSC00829 IMG_7375 HPIM1021 IMG_0737.JPG IMG_1703 IMG_7366 HPIM0997 IMG_7247
Portraits, a set on Flickr.
I enjoy taking photos of people. Here are some of my favourite portraits.

Bexley 3 Bexley 4 Bexley Bexley 2 IMG_8336 IMG_3790 IMG_3349 IMG_2886 IMG_2863 IMG_2824 IMG_1187 IMG_0668BW IMG_0664.JPG IMG_0302 IMG_0294 IMG_5966 IMG_5891.JPG IMG_5772 IMG_5740 IMG_5456 IMG_5455 IMG_5149.JPG IMG_5039.JPG IMG_4925.JPG
Bexley, a set on Flickr.
One of my favourite subjects is my dog, Bexley. He loves getting his photo taken and even sometimes poses for the camera. I have been snapping away in his direction since we brought him home as a little white ball of a puppy.

HPIM0536 IMG_0512 IMG_0505 IMG_4100BW IMG_3492BW IMG_3433.JPG IMG_3324 IMG_3323.JPG IMG_3312.JPG HPIM0535
How I see things, a set on Flickr.
Photos can capture a moment. These are some of my favourite moments.

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